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Art Classes

The adult and child classes are designed for learning in a small group setting. With the small group size, students are able to receive ample individual instruction and attention.  Currently all classes are offered through our virtual art studio and in-person. 

Paint Pots and Brush

Painting Foundations

In this class students learn how to paint on paper, board, and canvas using basic painting techniques and processes. 

Colorful Papers


In this class students learn the art of using various materials to create something new while making 2D and 3D collages.

Writing Supplies

Basic Drawing

In this class students learn how to compose a picture using line, shape, tone, and perspective drawing.   

Colorful Pompoms

Colorful Crafting

In this class students learn the basic techniques for making crafts and how to use their creativity to create their own unique crafts.  

Color Spectrum Print T-Shirt

Color Theory

In this class students learn basic color theory, color mixing and various brush techniques using temper and acrylic paints.


Clay Works

Students learn about basic clay molding techniques and tools while creating various clay items. 

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